Finding a Barber that understands you (and your hair)

Well, it seems you can't walk down the high street these days with out tripping over a barber shop (yes I understand the irony about the fact we opened up a few days ago in Perth), and the choice as to where you go to get your hair cut has become vast.

And it may not seem like rocket science making your hair shorter and neater, it does take a good amount of skill and key aspect is often over looked!

It is so important to find a barber that takes the time to listen and understand what your wants and visions are! And lets face it...not everyone knows all the barber lingo or terms.

Find your self a barber that makes you feel welcome, engages with you, takes time to get to know you! Going to get your hair cut shouldn't feel like it's a chore, it should be something you look forward to!

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