Really should knuckle down and get these blogs done...

Just seen when the last blog post was and thought it's about time to update and write something meaningful.

Since April things have been a lot of fun, a little stressful, and a little quiet;

The first few weeks after lockdown things were as busy as expected...but by mid May...things started to get a tad quiet. Very quickly and some would say "naturally" we began to wonder what we're doing wrong? are we doing enough to promote and push the shop? is it because we're still very new to the area? Turns's not just us! It's quiet industry wide! Which in a strange way is comforting...but on the flip side it's still a little alarming as end of May/beginning of June things start to go a little turbo in the barbering world - summer just round the corner, holidays booked, festivals planned for, wedding invites etc...but this year...things aren't quite back to "normal" yet. As much as it's impressive how the city of Perth and Scotland as a whole is dealing with the pandemic and has absolutely had an effect on the day to day habits of our customers and potential customers.

We've been knocking our heads together to come up with ideas how best to keep the OIOI brand in the minds eye but not wanting to become annoying and repetitive.

fingers crossed when we go to Level 0 in Perth on 19th July things will start getting back to some sort of normality and perhaps experience a belated "summer rush".

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