"It was the night before...erm...reopening"

Well, as the title the time of writing this post, it's the night before we reopen, "the calm before the storm" so to speak.

I've been in the shop today finishing off a few bits and to make sure everything is clean and tidy as well as being up to the sanitizing standards of the universe.

To say I'm excited is an understatement! This first week is going to be a huge amount of fun, as much as it's been nice going to bed late and getting up when ever you want (or at least until the animals in my house need us to get up) it doesn't compare to being in the barbers shop, behind the barbers chair, talking with clients and putting the world to rights...all at the same time as pushing the brand forward and thinking about the next step in taking over Perth.

It was made official today the launch of our own products "OiOi Head Gear" to which we've had an amazing response and a lot of love shown (thank you to everyone) beyond happy I am with how the products have turned out...I feel like a spoilt brat! I WANT ALL THE PRODUCTS NOW!!!!!! We started off with the matte clay and the sea salt spray but there are another 6 to 7 products in the works as we speak (there may even be a few more by the time I finish this post) and I think I'm just being a tad impatient?...still...beyond excited for what's to come and then showing everyone what we been up to on social media etc.

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