Well...what a first week back that was!

To start, I'd first like to say a massive thank you to everyone that came in to the barbershop and a huge welcome to all the new faces that came through the door to give us a try (seems there were a lot of happy smiles after the haircuts)

As mentioned in the last post, we said farewell to Nate as he ventured out into the wild (Glasgow) to seek fame and fortune, and have to admit, with the impending start of the first week back after the 3 month lockdown...I was a little intrigued as to how the first few days would pan out. Happy to say, I think I just about managed (a few hot baths and muscle soaks after work were in order just want to add) a strange and slightly poetic stroke of luck...a young Perth lad contacted the shop wondering if there was any space for an up and coming barber? Well...I had to get the man in for a chat and see what he can do with some scissors and clippers! The boy can cut hair! Happy to announce...he starts this Thursday 15th April!!!!!!!

The product range is expanding even more! We have the matte clay and sea salt spray in the shop which has already made a big impact and even have a small waiting list of customers wishing to purchase asap! We have the styling powder and gum on it's way for us to trial and work with/develop, so watch this space for more updates!

My friends down south in England re open their doors as of tomorrow (Monday 12th April) and want to say I hope you all have an incredible first week back! After 3 months of going to bed late, waking up whenever, and binge watching everything on Netflix and Amazon's a bit of a shock to the system, however...if you have even half the amount of fun we had in our first week you're in for a treat!

Love Peace and Hair Grease!!!!

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