Second Lockdown - Reopening

Well, it's been a while.

With this second lockdown finally coming to an end on Monday 5th April, wanted to update the blog with what's been going on and what updates have been over the past few months.

It's sad to say we seem to have been closed longer than we've been open and super keen to get back to the same momentum we had in December, looking forward to seeing our regular faces as well as welcoming new ones in the weeks to come, seeing the various different "lockdown styles" and home hair cuts walk through the doors of OIOI and finally get back to some sort of normality!

First of all...let's start with the sad news...

It's with heavy heart we say good bye to Nate! He was only with us for a short while but had an amazing impact on the business from day one! He brought professionalism as well as fun to the shop and showed this when he met up with Alex to explain his decision to move to Glasgow where he has already been offered a position at an incredible location! all's not really "goodbye" to's more like "see you soon" and we wish you all the very best in your new adventure and can't wait to see what you get up to and see how you grow as a barber! Great things are in your future Nate'orious B.I.G

Now...onto some slightly happier news:


If you've ventured past the shop during the later parts of the lockdown, you may have seen Alex tinkering away - the shop has a slight upgrade with regard to work stations/ brand new custom unit, brand new custom mirrors, art work and general new feel (Alex's idea of man cave) (pictures to follow in the coming days)

For the "big kids" and "man child" clients...there will soon be a games console in the shop with 1000's of our favourite retro games for that nostalgic overload! There is even rumours of a potential "in shop competition" where clients can compete once a month for a coveted prize...WATCH THIS SPACE.

Clothing - the OiOi designs are on their way, a couple of t shirts have already arrived and I'm sure you'l see Alex sporting/modeling these in the coming weeks. Caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks and even underwear are in the works so watch this space.


As this post is being typed out, the first of the products are in transit!!!!! It's almost like Christmas as a child waiting for the knock on the door and being gifted a large box of goodies!!!! will be uploaded to the social media platforms ASAP.

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